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​Moving Tips

Make Moving Day A Happy Day And the Best Move You've Ever Had!

Spreading the word:

  • Notify both building managers of your move date.
  • If possible, reserve the elevator at your new and old address.
  • Reserve a parking space near the building of your new and old


Packing Your Belongings:

  • Use Uniform sized boxes with tops and pack within reasonable weight.
  • Do not use plastic bags to pack your goods.
  • Use small boxes for books.
  • Leave perishables in an operating refrigerator or ice chest.
  • Do not wrap pictures or glass in newspaper as the ink will rub off.  Use packing paper or bubble wrap.

Organizing the Shipment:

  • Disassemble, as much as possible, beds, mirrors from dressers, etc. This will save time.
  • Take down curtains, drapes, wall hangings and pictures.
  • Maximize access to all items being moved and keep hallways and doorways clear.
  • Place lamps, glass and all fragile items in one area.
  • Stack boxes in one area.

During the Move:

  • Move small items, breakable items, coins, jewelry, or valuables yourself.
  • Inform us of any special requests you may have and review the driver's paperwork before the move begins.
  • Children and pets should be kept in a safe distance.


Call (714) 744-8474​